Mixed Ensembles/Chamber Music

At the Dragon's Gate


Voices from the Garden

Grooves-Dance and Reflection-Lament-Awakening-Driving

 Although the work is performed without pause, it is possible to listen to individual movements listed above by clicking on their titles keeping in mind that beginnings and endings are not always clear 

EPISODES AND SOLILOQUIES: A Sonata for Violin and Piano

Episode with Mirrors
- Soliloquy-
Distant Calls and Sequences
- Soliloquy-
Episode with Variations
- Soliloquy-
Ritual Dance and Revelation
- Soliloquy-
Episode with Chorale
(played without pause)

COLLIDING OBJECTS: Interactions for Piano and Percussion

Dragon’s Dance – Dramatic, Delicate, and Dreamlike – Duels and Dialogues



Click on movement titles below to listen

 I. Minimum Overdrive

II. Minight Reflection

III. Anonymous

IV. An Easy Burden