For wind ensemble – Duration: c 15:00

Commissioned by a consortium of colleges and premiered by Steven Bodner and the Williams College Symphonic Winds, BANG! begins with just that, a musical statement that clearly explains its title. Beyond this literal reference, the musical ideas and structure of this work are, in fact, inspired by the concept of the "big bang" theory in which the universe is constantly expanding having started from a single point and which some day will begin to contract again back to that point and beyond. The middle section is perhaps more humanly inspired as it features a full flute choir with bass and alto flutes playing a modal chorale interspersed with various solo instruments which play more expressive versions of the material that opens the work. However, even this tranquility is eventually overtaken by external forces which continue to bombard it. The pent up emotion of the flute choir's plaintive song does reach full fruition however, before the opening drum cluster once again triggers an explosion, which this time expands even further in displays of musical fireworks and intensity. The final seconds of the work bring new meaning to its title if one considers it in the context of a slightly different theory postulated by T. S Elliot in his poem, The Hollow Men, "This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper."

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