Links to Recordings

The following works are recorded on compact disc and can be purchased from various outlets.

Discs of music by David Kechley:

WINTER BRANCHES - Liscio Recordings

  • WINTER BRANCHES: A Sonata for Cello and Piano
  • Sonata for Viola and Piano
  • Music for Saxophones
  • Voices from the Garden

The Skylark Sings - Liscio Recordings

  • TRANSFORMATIONS: An Orchestral Triptych
  • TUAHKU: A Dark Samba for Orchestra
  • The Skylark Sings for Soprano and Orchestra with Chorus

In the Dragon's Garden - Liscio Recordings

  • VALENCIA: Iberian Musings
  • DRIVELINE: A Powerwalk
  • Stepping Out
  • In the Dragon's Garden

Colliding Objects - Innova Recordings

  • Dancing: Four Movements for Five Percussionists playing Forty-four Instruments
  • DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: Trialogues for Trumpet, Saxophone, and Percussion
  • Untimely Passages: A Slow Groove and Chaconne for Marimga and Flugel Horn
  • AVALABLE LIGHT: Midwinter Musings for Flute and Harp
  • COLLIDING OBJECTS: Interactinos fo Piano and Percussion

Individual works on other disc collections: