Order Info

Shipping Policy

Orders to individuals of $50.00 or less are shipped immediately with invoice enclosed. Balance due within 10 days. Larger orders and rentals are shipped immediately to established performance organizations, schools, or music retail outlets. We accept school purchase orders, personal checks, money orders, etc., in US$ only. (No Eurochecks please.)

Purchasing Music

If you know the title of the work, please email this information along with shipping and billing address. To receive a quote first, please specify this in the subject line.

Renting Music

To request materials or a preliminary price quote please provide the following information:

  1. title of work
  2. performing organization
  3. date(s) of performance(s) and when materials are first needed
  4. size and location of venue(s)
  5. string count
  6. ASCAP license (y/n)

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