COLLIDING OBJECTS: Interactions for Piano and Percussion

Dragon’s Dance – Dramatic, Delicate, and Dreamlike – Duels and Dialogues


A duo for piano and marimba with multiple percussion – Duration: c 23:27


Premiered on the Barge Music Series in fall of 2007, written for Doris Stevenson and Matthew Gold.

The three discrete movements are played without pause and as their titles suggest each explores a different world of textural possibilities and exotic sounds while developing and transforming the same basic music ideas through out. Percussion includes marimba, orchestra bells, 3 tuned nipple gongs, suspended cymbals, almglocken, woodblock, etc. The pianist is called upon to play percussion instruments as well (suspended cymbal and almglocken) and occasionally inside the piano.  In the first two movements the percussive involvement is more subtle and often coloristic, but the pianists drops all pretense of civility as the piece reaches its somewhat heated climax! Written for Doris Stevenson and Matthew Gold for premiere at the Barge Music series in Brooklyn, NY in November of 2007.

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Dragon's Dance

Dramatic, Delicate, and Dreamlike

Duels and Dialogues


Price: $50.00 (+S&H) includes full score and set of ensemble parts