In the Dragon's Garden

Floating on the Wind-Islands in the Sand-The Sea of Stones-Beyond the Wall-Dancing between the Rocks

For guitar and alto saxophone – Duration: c 17:00

Winner 1995 Lee Ettelson Award

In the Dragon's Garden was selected from 244 entries as a Winner of the 1995 Lee Ettelson Award. Commissioned by Frank Bongiorno and Robert Nathanson for premiere at the 1992 World Saxophone Congress in Pesaro, Italy, the work was inspired by a several visits to Ryoanji, a temple in Kyoto, Japan which is noted for its Zen garden made up almost entirely of rocks. Fifteen large rocks are set with precise randomness in a carefully raked rectangle of small white stones. The entire garden is surrounded by low earthen walls.

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Recorded on compact disc, Classic Saxophone, Vol. 2, Music da Camera, LCD 09193 and In the Dragon's Garden: Music by David Kechley, Liscio 98001 available at or

Price: $50.00 (+S&H) includes two performance "scores" designed for each instrument $50.00 (+S&H) includes two performance "scores" designed for each instrument (not available as pdf due to page sizes and configuration