EPISODES AND SOLILOQUIES: A Sonata for Violin and Piano

Episode with Mirrors
- Soliloquy-
Distant Calls and Sequences
- Soliloquy-
Episode with Variations
- Soliloquy-
Ritual Dance and Revelation
- Soliloquy-
Episode with Chorale
(played without pause)

For violin and piano – Duration: c 25:00

Written for, and dedicated to, violinist, Joanna Kurkowicz and, pianist, Doris Stevenson, EPISODES is a five-movement work in which each movement is connected through brief passages of musical refection by the solo violin. These soliloquies reflect on what has already occurred and suggest what may lie ahead. The episodes range in style and mood from energetic and almost barbaric, to contemplative and delicate, to humorous and satirical. However, the form and scope of each episode is well defined in its exploration of one or two of the specific ideas suggested by the solo violin passage which link them.

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Price: $35.00 (+S&H) includes full score and set of ensemble parts