SURFACE TENSION: A Saxtet for Woodwinds

For alto saxophone and woodwind quintet – Duration: c 08:15

An attractive and exciting one movement work addressing the need for substantial work for saxophone in combination with orchestral woodwinds. The saxophone is not attempting to be featured here, simply to claim a rightful place among its classical counterparts. However, a recent review points out the alto saxophone adds a "dark and buttery depth" to this work and a "warm and sexy patina to woodwind music" in general.

The "saxtet" is one continuous movement which combines the saxophone with the horn in the opening bars and then goes on to demonstrate how well the saxophone works in many other combinations within the group.

The work was jointly commissioned by the Academy Woodwind Quintet and Wayne Tice saxophonist, and the Ithaca Woodwind Quintet and Steven Mauk.

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Price: $50.00 (+S&H) includes full score and set of ensemble parts, Grade VI

Catalog: Saxophone Music