TRANSFORMATIONS: An Orchestral Triptych

 I. Still on the Edge

II. Funeral Music with Dance

III. Past Refrains


For large orchestra – Duration: c 18:30

1998 ASCAP Rudolf Nissim Competition

Premiered by Richard Hoenich and the New England Conservatory Orchestra, this three-movement work is similar in form to a triptych painting.  There is a center “panel” which is the expressive focus of the work and on each side there are related panels of smaller scope. Still on the Edge is fast and furious, but at the same time transparent and lyrical. The tempo does not waver and the underlying energy is always clear.  Funeral Music with Dance is somewhat inspired by the slow movement of the Beethoven's Eroica although it bears little resemblance.  It begins with a somber march-like character, which is later juxtaposed against a waltz-like dance as it moves toward a cathartic and dark climax.  Past Refrains is a lyrical, relaxed and fairly brief melodic statement interspersed with several more restless wanderings.

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Recorded on compact disc, The Skylark Sings: Music by David Kechley, Liscio 97892 (

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