Voices from the Garden

Grooves-Dance and Reflection-Lament-Awakening-Driving

 Although the work is performed without pause, it is possible to listen to individual movements listed above by clicking on their titles keeping in mind that beginnings and endings are not always clear 

For guitar quartet – Duration: c 17:00

Commissioned by the Minneapolis and North Carolina Guitar Quartets and premiered at the Guitar Foundation of America International Festival, this work is similar in form and expressive quality to In the Dragon’s Garden. The textures achieved in this work are both surprising and satisfying and the expressive and stylistic range is broad. The five movements are played without pause.

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Recorded by the North Carolina Guitar Quartet, Winter Branches: Music by David Kechley, Liscio 97982 (lisciorecordings.com and, available from Innova Recordings,and  by the Minneaopolis Guitar Quartet, New Works for Guitar Quartet, Albany Records, Troy 207(albanyrecords.com and amazon.com)

Price: $50.00 (+S&H) includes full score and set of ensemble parts