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For saxophone quartet (SATB) - Duration c. 5:00 It must be heard to be believed!

The fast and furious work was inspired by a radio broadcast of West Point Saxophone Quartet, which the composer heard in his car. The new virtuosity of this group and its convincing performances of chromatic, rhythmic, and edgy sorts of pieces made a strong impression. The result is a cutting edge addition to the saxophone quartet repertoire. Rush was written during the composer's Bellagio residency in the summer of 2003 and the West Point Quartet recorded it soon after. It was then given its official premiere at World Saxophone Congress XIII. The piece opens with a seamless line of 16th notes beginning softly and growing. The tempo is relentless even during the more lyrical "chorale with protesting soloist" middle section and piece begins and ends with the same unison passage consisting of 700+ notes! 

It has since been recorded by the DS Quartet and been performed worldwide

Price $35.00 (+ S&H - Grade VI+)